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  B1172601 Flame Sensor
Flame Sensor

                              B1172601 Flame Sensor

                          THIS WINTER DON'T GET
                        CAUGHT OUT IN THE COLD. 
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push in style flame sensor for Goodman and Janitrol
furnaces.  This flame sensor measures a little over 5".  It bends
(about 25 degrees) in the rod 2 1/2"from the base.  Will work on
other brands that take a push in stick style flame sensor.  Has a
1/4" male tab for 1/4" connector.

Fits Models ECSW, ECSW12HOMA, P6861601F, EG, EG2,12-1,
P5519813C, EG2.5,12-1, P5519814C, EG3,12-1, P5519815C,
EG3.5,12-1K, P5519944C, P5519949C, EG4,12-1, P5519945C,
P5519950C, EG4,12-3, P5519946C, P5519951C, EG5,12-1,
P5519947C, P5519952C, EG5,12-3, P5519948C, P5519953C,
EGHW, EGHW100DA-3, P6874501F, EPCG, EPCG2408-1D,
P6853901C, EPCG2408-1E, P6853918C, P6853938C,
EPCG24081B, P6747001C, EPCG24081C, P6747014C,
EPCG24081D, P6853921C, EPCG24081E, P9953901C,
EPCG2508-1A, P5548001C, P5548014C, EPCG3010-1A,
P5548002C, P5548015C, EPCG3010-1C, P6747015C,
EPCG3010-1D, P6853902C, EPCG3010-1E, P6853919C,
P6853939C, EPCG30101B, P6747002C, EPCG30101D,
P6853922C, EPCG30101E, P9953902C, EPCG3512-1A,
P5548003C, EPCG35121A, P5548016C, EPCG3612-1B,
P6747003C, EPCG3612-1C, P6747016C, EPCG3612-1D,
P6853903C, P6853923C, P6853940C, EPCG36121D,
P9953903C, EPCG4212-1A, P5548009C, P5548022C,
EPCG4212-1B, P6747009C, EPCG4212-1C, P6747022C,
EPCG4212-1D, P6853909C, P6853929C, EPCG4212-1E,
P6853944C, EPCG42121D, P9953904C, EPCG4213-1A,
P5548017C, EPCG4213-1C, P6747017C, EPCG4213-1D,
P6853904C, P6853924C, P6853941C, EPCG42131A,
P5548004C, EPCG42131B, P6747004C, EPCG42131D,
P9953905C, EPCG4812-1A, P5548010C, P5548023C,
EPCG4812-1B, P6747010C, EPCG4812-1C, P6747023C,
EPCG4812-1D, P6853910C, P6853930C, P6853936C,
P6853949C, EPCG4812-3A, P5548012C, P5548025C,
EPCG4812-3B, P6747012C, EPCG4812-3C, P6747024C,
EPCG4812-3D, P6853911C, P6853931C, P6853937C,
P6853950C, EPCG48121D, P9953906C, EPCG48123D,
P9953907C, EPCG4815-1A, P5548005C, P5548018C,
EPCG4815-1B, P6747005C, EPCG4815-1C, P6747018C,
EPCG4815-1D, P6853905C, P6853925C, P6853934C,
P6853947C, EPCG4815-3A, P5548020C, EPCG4815-3C,
P6747019C, EPCG4815-3D, P6853906C, P6853926C,
P6853935C, P6853948C, EPCG48151D, P9953908C,
EPCG48153A, P5548007C, EPCG48153B, P6747007C,
EPCG48153D, P9953909C, EPCG6012-1B, P6747011C,
EPCG6012-1D, P6853912C, EPCG6012-1E, P6853916C,
P6853932C, P6853945C, EPCG6012-3B, P6747013C,
EPCG6012-3C, P6747026C, EPCG6012-3D, P6853913C,
EPCG6012-3E, P6853917C, P6853933C, P6853946C,
EPCG60121C, P6747025C, EPCG60121E, P9953910C,
EPCG60123E, P9953911C, EPCG6017-1C, P6747020C,
EPCG6017-1E, P6853914C, P6853927C, P6853942C,
EPCG6017-3B, P6747008C, EPCG6017-3C, P6747021C,
EPCG6017-3E, P6853915C, P6853928C, P6853943C,
EPCG60171B, P6747006C, EPCG60171D, P6853907C,
EPCG60171E, P9953912C, EPCG60173D, P6853908C,
EPCG60173E, P9953913C, EPCG6212-1A, P5548011C,
P5548024C, EPCG6212-3A, P5548013C, P5548026C,
EPCG6217-1A, P5548006C, P5548019C, EPCG6217-3A,
P5548008C, P5548021C, GDX, GDX040-2, GDX060-3,
GDX080-4, GDX100-5, GDX120-5, PG, PG018040-1,
PG024040-1, PG024075-1, PG030075-1, PG030100-1,
PG036075-1, PG036075-3, PG036100-1, PG036100-3,
PG036100-4, PG042100-1, PG042100-3, PG042125-1,
PG042125-3, PG042125-4, PG048125-1, PG048125-3,
PG048125-4, PG048150-1, PG048150-3, PG048150-4,
PG060125-1, PG060125-3, PG060150-1, PG060150-3,
PG060150-4, PG090200-3, PG090200-3A, PG090200-4,
PG090200-4A, PG120250-3, PG120250-3A, PG120250-4,
PG120250-4A, PGH, PGH024050-1, PGH030050-1,
PGH030075-1, PGH036075-1, PGH036100-1, PGH048100-1,
PGX, PGX018040-1, PGX024040-1, PGX030040-1,
PGX036050-1, PGX036050-3, PGX036075-1, PGX042075-1,
PGX048075-1, PGX048075-3, PGX060100-1, PGX060100-3 

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