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  B13400313(S) 1/5 H.P. Air Handler Blower Motor

B13400313(S) 1/5 H.P.
Air-Handler Blower Motor

B13400313 2-speed blower motor. Use with Goodman/Janitrol model
air-handlers A(18 thru 24), AR(18 thru 24), AW(18 thru 24). 3-legged
mount is permanently attached to motor.

Fits Models A18-05, A18-05C, A18-08, A18-10, A24-05, A24-05C,
A24-08, A24-08C, A24-10, A24-10C, AR18-1, AR18-1D, AR24-1,
AR24-1D, ARPF024-00B-1, ARPF024-00B-1A, ARPT024-00A-1,
ARPT024-00C-1, ARPT024-00C-1A, ARUF018-00A-1,
ARUF018-00A-1A, ARUF024-00A-1, ARUF024-00A-1A,
AW18-05C, AW18-08C, AW24-05C, AW24-08C, AW24-10C,
PC024-1, PCJ024-1, PCK024-1, PCK024-1A, PCK024-1C,
PCK024-1F, PCKJ024-1, PCKJ024-1A, PG018040-1, PG024040-1,
PG024040-1B, PG024075-1, PG024075-1B, PGB024050-1,
PGB024050-1A, PGB024075-1, PGB024075-1A, PGH024050-1,
PGH030050-1, PGH030075-1, PGX018040-1, PGX024040-1,
PGX024040-1B, PH024-1, PHB024-1, PHJ024-1, PHK024-1,

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