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  B1401009 - 2 Pak Ignitor
2 Pak - Ignitor

B1401009 - 41-412 - exact fit Norton model 271NM* hot surface
furnace ignitor.

                              $24.15 EACH WHEN
                          PURCHASED in a 2 PAK!! 
                 $$$ SAVE MONEY $$$  BUY a 2 PAK!!

B1401009 igniter for Goodman, Janitrol and Amana furnaces.
Exact flat bar ignitor, not the replacement round ignitor that is
more prone to premature failure. Compatible with the following
part numbers: Robert Shaw 41-412, White-Rodgers 767A-373,
Norton 271NM, 271N, 271M, Goodman B1401009, Intercity
1009604, Gem products IG107, Supco SIG107, WIN Group
FC053KI, EZ Flo 62374 and Armstrong AF107.

Fits Models GT090-4B, GMN060-3, GMN080-4, GMT045-3B,
GMPN080-4, GMT070-3B, GMT115-5A, GMN100-4, GMN120-5,
GMP050-3, GMP075-3, GMP075-4, GMP100-3, GMP100-4,
GMP100-5, GMP100-6, GMP125-4, GMP125-5, GMP150-5,
GMPE075-3A, GMT070-3A, GMPE100-4A, GMPE125-5A,
GPD050-3, GPD075-3, GPD100-4, GPD125-4, GMPN040-3,
GMPN060-3, GMPN080-4, GMPN100-4, GMPN120-5, GMP125-4,
GSMS060-3, GSMS080-4, GSMS100-4, GSM060-3, GSM080-4,
GSM100-4, GSU060-3, GSU080-4, GSU100-4, GMPH050-3,
GMPH075-4, GMPH080-5, GMPH120-5, GUS050-2, GUS075-3,
GUS100-4, GUS125-5, GMT045-3, GMT070-3, GMT070-4,
GMT090-3, GMT090-4, GMT090-5, GMT115-5, GMT140-5,
GDT045-3A, GDT070-3A, GDT090-4A, GDT115-5A, GDT045-3,
GDT070-3, GDT090-4, GDT115-5, GMTH045-3B, GMTH070-4B,
GMTH090-5B, GMTH045-3, GMTH070-4, GMTH090-5,
GMTH115-5, GDT090-4B, GMNT040-3B, GMNT060-3B,
GMNT080-4B, GMNT100-4B, GMNT120-5D, GMNT040-3,
GMNT060-3, GMNT080-4, GMNT080-4, GMNT100-4,

IMPORTANT NOTE: The number shown on the tag attached to
the wires of the hot surface ignitor may have been put on several
very different looking ignitors.  Please check picture to confirm
this  is what you are looking for.  You'll need to especially pay
extra attention to the porcelain base.  Black Silicone ignitor tip
may be as shown or as the actual current replacement version.

Retail/Counter Price: $69.00
Special Internet Only Price: $43.00
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