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  B1809913(s) Circuit Board for GMP and GMPN models
Circuit Board for GMP and GMPN models

B1809913(S) factory original circuit board for ALL GMP and
GMPN model furnaces. 1 year manufacturer's  limited warranty.
Replaces:  B18099-06, B18099-08, B18099-10, B18099-13,
B18099-13S, 1012-933D, 50T35-730, 50T730-743 and 41F-5
boards. Includes wiring harness (9 pin plug).

Also fits GDT, GDT045-3, GDT045-3A, GDT045-3B, GDT070-3,
GDT070-3A, GDT070-3B, GDT090-4, GDT090-4A, GDT090-4B,
GDT115-5, GDT115-5A, GDT115-5B, GMN, GMN060-3,
GMN080-4, GMN100-4, GMN120-5, GMNT, GMNT040-3,
GMNT040-3B, GMNT060-3, GMNT060-3B, GMNT080-4,
GMNT080-4B, GMNT100-4, GMNT100-4B, GMNT120-5,
GMNT120-5B, GMNT120-5D, GMP, GMP050-3, GMP075-3,
GMP075-4, GMP100-3, GMP100-4, GMP100-5, GMP125-4,
GMP125-5, GMP150-5, GMPE, GMPE075-3, GMPE075-3A,
GMPE100-4, GMPE100-4A, GMPE125-5, GMPE125-5A, GMPH,
GMPH050-3, GMPH075-4, GMPH080-5, GMPH120-5, GMPN,
GMPN040-3, GMPN060-3, GMPN080-4, GMPN100-4,
GMPN120-5, GMPV, GMPV075-1.5, GMPV075-3, GMPV100-3,
GMPV100-5, GMPV125-3, GMPV125-5, GMT, GMT045-3,
GMT045-3A, GMT045-3B, GMNT045-3B, GMT070-3,
GMT070-3A, GMT070-3B, GMNT070-3B, GMT070-4,
GMT070-4A, GMT070-4B, GMNT070-4B, GMT090-3,
GMT090-3A, GMT090-3B, GMNT090-3B, GMT090-4,
GMT090-4A, GMT090-4B, GMNT090-4B, GMT090-5A,
GMT090-5B, GMNT090-5B, GMT115-5, GMT115-5A,
GMT115-5B, GMNT115-5B, GMT135-5, GMT140-5, GMT140-5A,
GMT140-5B, GMNT140-5B, GMT140-5BB, GMT140-5D, GMTH,
GMTH045-3, GMTH045-3A, GMTH045-3B, GMTH070-4,
GMTH070-4A, GMTH070-4B, GMTH090-5, GMTH090-5A,
GMTH090-5B, GMTH115-5, GPD, GPD050-3, GPD075-3,
GPD100-4, GPD125-4, GSMS, GSMS060-3, GSMS080-4,

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