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  B2959000 Draft Inducer for PGB model furnaces
Draft Inducer for PGB model furnaces

B2959000 draft inducer (flue exhaust/ventor) assembly for PGB
model furnaces. This is a roof top furnace and the motor is 230

Fits Models PGB, PGB024050-1, PGB024050-1A,
PGB024075-1, PGB024075-1A, PGB030050-1, PGB030050-1A,
PGB030050-1B, PGB030075-1, PGB030075-1A,
PGB030075-1B, PGB030100-1, PGB030100-1A
PGB030100-1B, PGB036050-1, PGB036050-1A, PGB036050-1B,
PGB036075-1, PGB036075-1A, PGB036075-1B, PGB036075-3,
PGB036075-3A, PGB036075-3B, PGB036075-3C, PGB036100-1,
PGB036100-1A, PGB036100-1B, PGB042075-1, PGB042075-1A,
PGB042075-1B, PGB042100-1A, PGB042100-1, PGB042100-1A,
PGB048075-1A, PGB042100-1B, PGB048100-3A, PGB042125-1,
PGB048125-1A, PGB042125-1B, PGB048150-1A, PGB048075-1,
PGB048075-1A, PGB048075-1B, PGB048100-3, PGB048100-3A,
PGB048100-3B, PGB048125-1, PGB048125-1A, PGB048125-1B,
PGB048150-1, PGB048150-1A, PGB048150-1B, PGB048150-3,
PGB048150-3A, PGB048150-3B, PGB060100-1, PGB060100-3,
PGB060125-1, PGB060125-3, PGB060150-1, PGB060150-3,
PGB060150-4, PGJ, PGJ024050-1A, PGJ024050-1B,
PGJ024075-1A, PGJ024075-1B, PGJ030050-1A, PGJ030050-1B,
PGJ030075-1A, PGJ030075-1B, PGJ036075-1A, PGJ036075-1B,
PGJ036100-1, PGJ036100-1A,PGJ036100-1B, PGJ042075-1A,
PGJ042075-1B, PGJ042100-1A, PGJ042100-1B, PGJ048075-1,
PGJ048075-1A, PGJ048100-1, PGJ048100-1A

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