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-We track our shipments using Reference numbers we assign to every package we send out. Your reference number is simply your last name "dash" zip code. Your country is also required by UPS to track your package(s).

-Example: John Doe 123 S Main St. Milwaukee, WI 12345
The above customer's reference number would be: doe-12345. This is not case sensitive so DOE-12345 would also work. Then he would just type the zip code again and select United States.

Example for John Doe:

Enter Reference Number:

Enter Zip Code:

Select Country:

Enter Reference Number:***Reference number is your LAST NAME-ZIP CODE***

Enter Zip Code:

Select Country:
Click Here to Check Your Order Status -In order to check your order status you will need the account information you created when you ordered your part. It only requires your email address and a password you create. If you have forgotten your password, just enter your email address and your password will be sent to you. If you did not create an account you cannot check your order status (ie open, pending, shipped, closed), but you can still track your shipment above if it has been shipped.

-Your account will let you see the status of all of your orders, as well as any past orders. Order status will fall under one of the following catagories: Open, Pending, Shipped, or Closed. *Open means your order was just received and it is being processed. If your order is still open 3 days or more after you placed your order that means we did not recieve your order and you should call us to resolve it. *Pending means we are currently out of stock of the part you ordered and it will be shipped shortly. *Shipped means we put your package on a UPS truck and you can track it below. *Closed means your order is all finished and deleted from our records. We usually close orders a few months after they are shipped.